Patients Reviews

I'm so privileged to have Dr. Alford as my neurosurgeon he has done everything to help stay walking, I've had about 10 surgeries and he has performed almost all of them and has helped me so much. The one thing that I love the most about him is that he treats his patients with the up most care as if we were family and also that he has prayed with me before each surgery and I love that about him because that gives me comfort and trust before I go into the OR, so thank you so much Dr. Alford and his whole staff, oh and Vicky so nice too and treating us patients always with a smile. The front desk staff also excelent treatment and helping the patients as much as they can. Thank you Doctors and staff at The Fort Worth Brain and Spine Institute you guys are the best in my list.

Rosa C. | Oct 30, 2023
I am a 70-year-old rancher that was referred to Dr Ellis by family Doctor in 2022. I had a high degree of pain in my L4 and L5 for about 8 months to the point I was losing feeling in my legs. The first time I met Dr Ellis I was extremely impressed by his humble demeaner, and caring attitude along with his jeans and boots. Dr Ellis examined me along with some tests to diagnose my problem. He then explained and showed me my problem in detail. I was most impressed with his statement: "Let's try some things to see if we can get you some relief. I can always do surgery, but I can't undo surgery." Three months later Dr Ellis did my surgery, and my pain relief was immediate. Five months later I am back to riding my horses and working cattle. Dr Ellis is so God gifted as a surgeon and I am so thankful as a patient of his. I got a little sad when he told me he was releasing me.

Michael Q. | May 03, 2023
Almost a year ago, I was temporarily paralyzed and could not find out why. Dr. Ellis was on call at the hospital and spoke with me. He saw immediately what the problem was in my neck and told my wife and I that he "was the one who could possibly fix it". Like a pro athlete who wants to carry a team on his back; he wanted to fix "the impossible". For over a decade and many procedures by other surgeons, Dr. Ellis fixed my problem. Thanks to him, I am not in a wheelchair today with permanent damage. I gained my life back. I trust no one else with my spinal care.

Mark T. | Mar 20, 2023
I had heard from others that Dr. Ellis was the best back surgeon in the Ft. Worth area. I had one opinion from another back surgeon before I saw Dr. Ellis. Dr. Ellis put me through several more tests with other very competent doctors before he was ready to commit to a plan of action. Dr. Ellis was very straight forward and blunt which I appreciated. I had pretty much made up my mind that I was NOT going to have an operation, however Dr. Ellis changed my mind when he said, "If I this were me, this is what I would have done." The surgery he performed was very successful and the pain is gone. I have already recommended him to several of my friends who are having issues.

Don M. | Feb 24, 2023