Disc Replacement Services

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Disc Replacement Services

Most people experience spinal disc wear-and-tear as they age, which can lead to disruptive neck and back pain. At Fort Worth Brain & Spine Institute, the premier team of MDs, FAANs, FACs, NPs, and physician extenders (including RNs and PA-Cs) offers personalized disc replacement services to restore your spine to its natural range of motion while relieving your pain. There are convenient locations throughout North Texas, including two offices in Fort Worth and additional offices in Granbury, Cleburne, and Weatherford, Texas, so call the one nearest you or click the online scheduler now. 

What is disc replacement?

Disc replacement involves removing a damaged or diseased intervertebral disc in the spine and replacing it with an artificial disc. This innovative approach to disc issues preserves normal spine mobility while maintaining stability and relieving pain.

Which conditions might require disc replacement services?

The most common reasons to need disc replacement include: 

Degenerative disc disease

Degenerative disc disease occurs when one or more intervertebral discs lose their strength. It’s technically not a disease but rather a process that occurs naturally due to wear and tear or disc injury. Degenerative disc disease can cause mild to severe pain and disrupt normal activities. Left untreated, it can significantly worsen.

Disc herniation

Disc herniation occurs when a crack develops in the annulus fibrosus, the tough outer layer of an intervertebral disc. A small part of the nucleus pulposus — the gelatinous middle of the disc — leaks into the spinal canal. This causes irritation and pain in the nerves there. Herniated discs often occur due to wear and tear, but they rarely happen in accidents.

If you’re having neck or back pain or other symptoms of disc problems, the Fort Worth Brain & Spine Institute team performs a comprehensive physical exam and recommends imaging tests to find the cause. They then explain your treatment options, from nonsurgical strategies to disc replacement and other procedures like fusion surgeries.

What disc replacement services are available?

Disc replacement services are the surgical procedures in which the Fort Worth Brain & Spine Institute team removes and replaces intervertebral discs. The team uses leading-edge procedures to ensure the best outcomes, including the innovative Mobi-C® disc replacement system. Mobi-C replaces cervical (neck area) discs. 

The discs contain Mobile Core Technology™ that allows the polyethylene disc core to slide and rotate within the disc. This means the Mobi-C disc can respond to cervical spine movements just like your natural disc would.

The mobile core also minimizes stress between the implant and nearby bone, so it doesn’t require cutting into the vertebral bones and invasive fixation devices like other artificial disc systems do. This makes the Mobi-C system safe for both one and two-level disc replacements. 

When surgery is needed, Fort Worth Brain & Spine Institute always focuses on minimally invasive techniques, leading to less pain and downtime. To learn more about disc replacement surgery, call the office nearest you or book an appointment online now.